Assets - Custom Field Filters

Assets - Custom Field Filters

Custom Field Filters

Custom Fields

As you add information within Fracttal, you may encounter instances where you need to add additional important asset/ equipment data. Fracttal allows you to create custom fields and field types that can be recorded against your assets/ equipment. These types of fields are user definable and an be added to any piece of equipment and later imported into the system if needed.

Custom fields are made up of two elements:

1. A custom field grouping: This allows you to group together certain associated custom fields
2. A field type: This allows you to specify the type of data that will be populated into the custom field i.e date, number, drop-down list, percentage etc.

This article covers how after adding custom fields to your assets you can then filter on these custom fields within the equipment/ asset register.

Filter on Custom Fields in the Asset Register

Filter on Custom Field Group

This process applies to all of your registers under the Assets Module.

1. Navigate to the Equipment/ Facilities/ Tools or Master Parts register by selecting the sub-module under the Assets Module in the main menu bar on the left:
In this case we will select the Equipment Register from the sub-modules displayed

2. With the equipment register open, you will note the Custom Fields group search/ filter bar at the top of the window. This filter will be available irrespective if you are viewing your register in the Tree/ List view:

3. Click on the Custom Fields filter/ search bar to bring up the list of custom field groups you have set up in your system

The custom fields group pop-up window will display all the custom field groups you have set up in your system against your assets that you can select from/ filter on.
3.1 If you have a lot of custom field groups, the custom fields group pop-up window will allow you to search for the group you are looking for by name. Simply type in the name of the group you are looking for in the search bar
3.2 Once you find the group you want to filter on, simply double lick on it to apply the filter

4. This will apply the filter to your equipment register and only display the assets associated with that custom field grouping

5. To clear the filter from the asset register, simply click on the Clear Filters button next to the Custom Field group filter bar. This will remove the applied filter from the equipment register and default to your initial view/ list

6. As is often the case with custom field groups, various custom field types are added to a specific group. In order to further filter your equipment register on a specific custom field type; with the asset register open apply the group filter as shown in steps 2-3 and apply your group filter to the equipment register:

Select the custom field group filter to apply to your equipment register

7. Once the group filter has been applied, scroll completely to the right of your equipment register and you will see that the custom field types associated with the group has been added to your equipment register. In this case the Type, the Medium and the Fuel Type of the Boiler Custom Field Group associated with these assets.

8. To further drill down into your custom field types, you can filter on the custom field column or group the equipment against a custom field type. To do this, hover your mouse over the column header and you will note a drop-down icon appearing. Click on this icon to bring up the various column options. Select either "Group by this field" or "Filter", apply the grouping or further filter on your various custom field types:

You can move the columns around in your equipment register by clicking on the column header and dragging it to the right or left of the register

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