Building your Master Parts List

Building your Master Parts List

Spare Parts and Supplies

Spare Parts and Supplies can also be referred to as the Master Parts and Supplies List, Parts and Supplies Catalog or Bill of Material (BOM). In a nutshell, it is the complete list of all the raw materials, parts and spares required for maintenance in the organisation. 

Note Spare Parts and Supplies acts only as a catalog for creating your parts list in the warehouse, thus no locations and quantities are associated with this Module

You might also be interested to watch our video on the Warehouse module within Fracttal - Click here >

1. Navigate to Spare Parts and Supplies

1.1 To access the Spare Parts and Supplies module in Fracttal, in the main menu sidebar open up Assets then click on Spare Parts and Supplies:

2. Adding Spare Parts and Supplies

2.1. Add: With the spare parts and supplies window open, click on the green +Add button top right of the window

3. Add Spare Parts and Supplies Detail

3.1. Add spares detail such as the name of the item, the part number, make, model, code, bar code etc.

3.2. Fracttal automatically generates a QR code for every spare created in the system. The QR code is used by the Fracttal mobile application to quickly and easily find the item by scanning the QR code with the mobile app

3.3. Specify the delivery and consumable attributes of the product like the Unit of Measure [e.g. each, box, gallons, liters], Weight and delivery lead time

3.4. Assign your spare to a specific asset type/ family and then use the additional grouping mechanisms built into Fracttal to further differentiate this item in that specific parts type/ family grouping

3.5. Limit the access of this item to a specific location or site here

3.6. By checking this box, this item will be visible to all users irrespective if the spare has been made inactive or not if left unchecked and made inactive, only admin users will be able to see this item in the register

3.7. Add any additional notes/ comments associated with this equipment item here

3.8. Here you can add an image of the spare. *Note: must be in JPEG/ PNG format

3.9. Navigate through the various other tabs associated with this spare to add any additional or necessary data and information you would like recorded in the system

You might also be interested to watch our video on the Warehouse module within Fracttal - Click here >

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