Edit Maintenance/ Task Types

Edit Maintenance/ Task Types

Edit Maintenance/ Task Types


Every so often we run into a situation where the master data items/ catalogues we have chosen to implement and use in the CMMS when we first started using it, is no longer relevant. So question then is how do I maintain my Task/ Maintenance Types catalogue? Well this article will briefly show you how to do that in the Fracttal CMMS.

Remember: For any changes to master data items residing within the Systems Settings module you will need to be a System Administrator

Adding New Task Types

From the Main Menu bar on the left, go to System Settings, then Catalogues, then open up the Work Management tab:

To add a main Task/ Maintenance Typ, with the Task type list open, click on the Add button right hand corner of the window:

This will ask you to give a Name/ Description for the new task type you are adding. Simply fill out the name/ description of this new task type and hit Save to add it to your list of task types:

You're Done! Now you will be able to select this new task type from the drop-down options on work orders and planned/ unplanned tasks.

Enable/ Disable, Delete or Edit Task Type

Navigate to your task types catalogue as shown in the section above. With the main Task types list open you will note certain icons/ buttons next to each task type. There are three icons/ buttons next to each task type:

- Enable/ Disable radio button
- Edit button
- Delete button

Enable/ Disable Task Type

When you have historical data/. work orders where the task type that you no longer need has been used on, the system will not allow you to delete this task type as there is a historical association with a work order or number of work orders.

In cases like these, unless you want to Re-name the task type, the system does allow you to make redundant task/ maintenance types InActive by Disabling them. By disabling a task type, it will effectively remove it from any drop-down/ selectable lists when users create planned/ unplanned work. It will only be visible to admin users in the Work Management Catalogue under System Settings.

To Disable a Task Type, simply navigate to the Work Management Catalogue under System Settings in the main menu on the left. You will note the Enabled/ Disabled switch next to each Task Type, simply click on the switch to disable the task type, click on it again to enable it. See image below:

Thank you, we hope this article was helpful. Remember to check out:  Creating Unplanned Work Orders - Web App Extended this article touched on some of the basics when it comes to work classification.

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