Facilities & Locations

Facilities & Locations


A location is a place, an area or a location where something or someone is located. A location can be a building, an establishment, or in general a site where we have our own or third-party physical assets. If you have a huge list of locations, use the import option within Fracttal to add the information in bulk.

To access the Facilities function in Fracttal:

1. Click on the Assets Module (1) in the main menu on the left
2. Then select Facilities (2) in the sub-menu
Facilities Main Window

Creating Facilities or Locations

Let's look at creating your first Facility/ Location. If you do not want to read through this section, you can always watch the video here >

1. With the facilities window open, to the far right of your screen, click on the + Add (1) button:

Facility Information Tabs

Facility General Tab

This will open up a General tab of the new Facility/ Location you want to create:

1. General Tab: This is the general tab/ information page of a facility, location or site that you are adding or editing. This window contains all the generic information of your facility/ location as well as the location to which this facility is linked to. Top level sites/ facilities will not have parent locations as they form the first tier of your facility/ location hierarchy. By linking a facility/ location to another facility, site or location you are essentially adding this facility/ location as a child to the selected location and so creating a hierarchical relationship between the two.

2. Image Tab: This is where you can attach an image to this facility/ location by clicking on the attach icon and selecting an image file from your work station

3. Location: As mentioned in 1. General Tab you can link this facility/ location to another site, facility or location already created in your facility register

4. Name: This is the name of your new site, facility or location that you are adding

5. Address Details: Input the physical address of this facility/ location. Not required if this facility/ location is a child of another location/ facility.

6. Coordinates: Please note that the map will only update based on the coordinates captured under the Latitude and Longitude fields

7. Code, Priority & Grouping: Provide an asset code for your facility in the code field. The other fields are used to prioritize your facility/ location as well as identify the type of facility/ location and its grouping for reporting and maintenance purposes

8. Financial Grouping: The cost center field is used to specify which cost center this facility/ location is linked to and if you have budgets set-up in Fracttal, to which budget this facility/ location should be linked to

Facility Custom Fields

Fracttal allows you to created multiple custom fields per record and offers various different types of custom fields:

1. Custom Field Tab: In this window, you can add any number of Custom Fields to this record that will help you further define and differentiate this record for reporting purposes or if there is specific data that you would like to record in your CMMS against this record.

2. Custom Field Types: By clicking on the pencil icon next to the custom field, you can assign a record type to your custom field depending on the type of data you wish to record in your custom field. You are also able to edit the Label (Name) of the custom field by clicking on the Edit label option in the drop-down

Facility Suppliers

In this window you can add any suppliers associated with this facility/ location

1. Suppliers Tab: This is where you can add suppliers associated with this facility as well as the services they render to this facility/ location

2. Supplier: This is where a list of suppliers associated with this facility will appear. You can view details on each supplier by clicking on the eye icon next to each supplier.

3. Add Supplier: Click on the + Add button top right to select a supplier from the drop-down in order to associate a specific supplier to this facility/ location

Facility Spare Parts & Supplies

In this window you can add any parts and supplies you would like to associate with this facility/ location.
*NOTE: If the facility/ location you created is a warehouse, this is not where you add store stock. The spare parts and supplies window within a location/ facility is for any parts and supplies that the facility/ location might consume during maintenance. To list stock kept at the facility/ location you created, you need to use the Warehouse module.

1. Spare Parts and Supplies Tab: This window allows you to add ant spares and supplies that will be used for maintenance purposes against this facility. Effectively creating a Bill of Materials ( BOM ) for this facility

2. Add Spares: Click on the +Add button to call up your master parts list and pick and add the parts associated with this facility/ location related to maintenance

3. Window Menu: Click here if you already have parts associated with this facility/ location and you wish to export them to excel.

Facility History

This window allows you to view the maintenance and parts consumption history of this facility/ location

1. History Tab: Here you can see all the maintenance history of this facility/ location

2. Task/ Resources History: Easily jump between viewing task (maintenance) history and resources (parts & labor) history recorded against this facility/ location

3. Date Filters: Apply filters to search for specific consumption or maintenance history between two dates

4. Export: Use this to export the facility/ location's history to excel

Facility Attachments

The attachments window is where you can see all files, links, photos or notes associated with this facility/ location

1. Attachments Tab: This window will show you all the attachments i.e. documents, photos, files etc. associated with this facility/ location. Depending on your user's rights you will be able to look at and even download the associated media.

2. Attachments List: The list of attachments added to this facility/ location

3. Add Attachments: Click on the +Add button and select the media type you want to add to this facility/ location. By selecting the file option, a pop-up window will come up allowing you to pick from your document repository if you have set that up in your cloud disk or you can upload any files/ documents you want to add to this facility/ location. The Link option will allow you to add a specific URL link like a shared Dropbox™ or Google™ drive link to this facility/ location. The Notes option will allow you record any specific notes against this facility/ location.

Facility Document Management

Manage all documents and warranties associated with a facility/ location here

1. Document Management Tab: In this window is where you will see all the current documents/ warranties with expiration dates listed against this facility/ location

2. Warranties: This summary window will show you how many warranties listed against this facility/ location is still valid and how many have expired

3. Documentation: This summary window will show you how many documents with expiry dates (e.g. calibration certificates) listed against this facility/ location is still valid and how many have expired

4. Add Documentation: Click on the +Add button top right of the window to add warranties/ documents from your existing catalog or add a new document/ warranty to this facility/ location. Follow the on-screen prompts and fill in the necessary data fields to create a document with an expiry date

You might also be interested in the Quick Start Video on Facilities & Locations - Click here >

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