Planned Maintenance Navigation

Planned Maintenance Navigation

Planned Maintenance

A task or activity that is carried out on an asset is called a task, therefore a planned maintenance task plan is the set of activities that must be performed on an asset at a predetermined time and interval. The activities generally consist of actions focused on maintenance and preventing failures.

Planned maintenance tasks are created in the Fracttal database per asset or asset type and then linked to various assets in the database. Once linked tasks can triggered to a desired schedule to generate Work Queues and eventually Work Orders.

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Access Planned Maintenance Module

To access the Planned Maintenance Module in Fracttal, in the main menu sidebar open up Work Management then click on Planned Maintenance:

1. Planned Maintenance Module: Clicking on Planned Maintenance in the main menu side bar will bring up your Planned Maintenance Module . The Planned Maintenance Module houses all planned maintenance tasks and schedules across all sites/ facilities your user is associated with or have access to. Admin users will be able to see all planned maintenance within the data base

Planned Maintenance Basic Navigation


1. Location Filter: This filter allows you to drill down to the planned maintenance associated to a specific location, facility or site.

2. Add: This is where you click to add a new planned maintenance task

3. Edit: With a planned maintenance task item selected from the register, clicking the Edit button will allow you to edit the item. Selecting multiple planned maintenance tasks and then clicking on Edit will allow you to batch update/ edit the multiple items selected

4. Remove: With an item or multiple items selected from the planned maintenance tasks, clicking Remove allows you to delete these items from Planned Maintenance

5. More Options: Clicking on this button will open up additional options for planned maintenance tasks such as allowing you to print, clone, share, import and export task plans

6. Planned Maintenance Task Columns: The columns of the planned maintenance tasks in Fracttal is interactive. By clicking and dragging the columns you are able to move the columns around to display your planned maintenance tasks how you want to view it. Fracttal also allows you to apply filters on each column which is handy for example if you want to view planned maintenance tasks with a certain description or number of tasks

7. Tick Box: The check/ tick boxes in planned maintenance tasks allows you to select one or multiple planned maintenance tasks for editing. By clicking the top most check box in the header will select all the planned maintenance tasks in the list you are viewing

You might also want to watch our quick start video on Planned Maintenance within Fracttal - Click here >

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