Update Beta Application Version 1.6

Update Beta Application Version 1.6

Install and Update

Important Note

Note: This mobile application has Not Yet Been Published and as such is not available to all customers. You need to have registered with us and the feature needs to be activated on your account in order for you to have access to the Fracttal Inventory App. This mobile application is currently undergoing testing and is only available for Androidâ„¢ driven devices. Should you want to register as an app tester, please visit the Registration Page, fill out the form and one of our consultants will be in contact with you to help you get started. *Terms & Conditions may apply

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Version History

Version 1.6 now available for download, please go to: https://tsfr.io/d8datt on your mobile device. If you did not get the version update invite, please reach our to your account manager.

It's important to regularly check this page for any new updates and releases

Internal release for base functionality testing, review and feature improvements.
Internal release for updated functionality testing prior to release for further testing by Fracttal users.
Beta test release to testers/ control group for field testing and feedback.
New features added based on feedback from test group:
  1. Navigation menu bar added allowing manager users to easily navigate between parts picking and parts collecting.
  2. User log-out option added to navigation/ menu bar.
  3. Additional search functions added to lists.
  4. Delayed sync between mobile app and web app reduced.
  5. General bug fixes and improvements

What was added/ released with 1.4:
  1. The ability to print picking sheets to pdf from all open request lists. Read more on this in Article: Printing Pick Sheets
  2. The ability to print a delivery note on parts collection.
  3. Notifications have been activated for certain identified users that will let you know when a request has been picked and is ready for collection as well as a notification to let you know that the parts have been picked up and signed for.
  4. Some improvements in app performance.
  5. General bug fixes.
Released: 30/08/2019

Beta Version 1.5 Release Notes:
  1. The overall sync interval between the mobile app and the web application has been reduced. The new sync is down to 1 minute.
  2. A refresh button has been added to the top right hand side of the home screen. This allows users  the ability to manually refresh the open requests lists at any time.
  3. When a request is submitted as completed (when it is sent to the Ready for Pick-up list), the user will be asked to specify the staging area where the order has been staged for pick-up.
  4. The ability to print picking sheets from the "In Process" list has also been added.
  5. When parts are collected (picked-up) the person receiving the parts is required to confirm and sign for the parts. This will now generate a signed Delivery Note that can also be printed to pdf/ emailed if required.
  6. If no pdf reader/ viewer app is installed on a user's device, the Fracttal Picking App will navigate the user to our preferred pdf reader/ viewer app in the app store for download and installation.
  7. Additional app performance improvements and fixes.

Released: 26/09/2019
Beta Version 1.6 Release Notes:

In this release, we have removed the requirement for users to log in using their registered username and password. With this install of the Beta App, users will no longer require to provide login credentials. Users simply need to open the app on their device and will go straight into the Material Requests Screen
Planned: 11/10/2019
*To be confirmed
Planned Improvements/ additions:

When parts are collected and signed for on the mobile app, the outgoing transaction will automatically be created in the Fracttal application against the warehouse. (This means the app is live in your account)

IMPORTANT: Fracttal will only release the app to your live environment if this has been approved by the system administrator.

Release of the warehouse manager's dashboard for material request tracking. Details will be provided closer to the release date.

Additional improvements and features based on user feedback.

Installing the App

If you are a registered app tester, with any new app release you will receive a "New Build" email from TestFairy to your specified email address. This email will contain some basic information about the new release such as the version and the size of the application. There will also be a link in this email that you need to click on in order to download the new version of the application.

Important: Best is to open this email on the mobile device that you want to install the app on and then click on the link provided.

This will open up a download page. Hit the Download button to start the download:

Once the download has started, you can close your browser.

Navigate to the application and open it. A pop-up should show telling you that a new version of the app is available. Hit YES to start the installation process.

If this pop-up does not come up when you open the application. Check your downloads folder for the latest download and select that.

This should open up the installation page. Hit INSTALL to install the new version of the application.

Once the installation is done, you can re-open the app and start using/ testing it again.

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Please check out article: Printing Pick Sheets to see how the new Picking Sheet printing feature works.

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