Work Order Feedback - Mobile App

Work Order Feedback - Mobile App

Work Order Feedback using the Mobile App


This short article aims to step technician users through the process of providing feedback on work orders through the Fracttal Mobile Application.

The screen grabs shown in this Article was taken from an iOS™ device, however the Fracttal mobile app is available for both Android™ as well as iOS™ mobile devices and can be found/ downloaded on Google™ Play and the App store by simply searching for Fracttal. The app is available FREE of charge for any paid user of Fracttal CMMS and can be used by Technician, Manager or Administrator users. The user and access rights assigned to your user in the Web Application will apply to your user on the Mobile Application. The same username and password is used to log into the Mobile App.

For a guide on Work Order Feedback through the Fracttal Web Application, please see Article: Work Order Feedback - Web App

1. On the left hand menu bar, under Tasks, go to WOs

2. This will open up the Work Order list. We'll step through some of the basic details below.
Note: Only Work Orders assigned to you will show up in this list, unless you are a manager/ admin user that oversees a number of teams, sites, locations etc.

2.1 The "Burger" icon, accesses the main menu bar on the left
2.2 This icon will open up the Advanced Filters window. Advanced filters allows you to apply a number of filter criteria to your work order list so that you can quickly find the specific work your are looking for or for example all work orders associated with a specific asset or location. Apply advanced filters and search by Asset, WO specific or Task based.

2.3 Search bar: The search bar is a basic text search that allows you to search for work orders by their reference number or even who assigned it to you.
2.4 Work Order List: Work orders will be listed here. You will see the basic details about the work order such as the date it was created, who created it, the work order number etc. If more than one work order has been assigned to you, multiple work orders will be displayed in this list.
2.5 In Process: By default when selecting WOs from the main menu on the left, the Work Orders In Process list will open. All work order in the In Process list are Open work orders that have not yet been completed by you.
2.6 In Review: The In Review list will display work orders that have been completed but not yet closed. Once you have done the feedback on your work order and submitted it, the work order will move from your In Process list to the In Review list in order for the Supervisor to review your feedback and close the work order.
2.7 Done: This list will display all your work orders that have been Closed. Once the Review of the work order is done and the Supervisor has Closed it, the work order will move from the In Review list to the Done/ Closed, Completed list.

Capturing Work Order Feedback

General Tab

1. From your In Process list, simply click on/ select the WO you want to open:

2. With the WO open, click on the Edit Icon in the Task Details

3. This will open up the Task Detail window. At the bottom of the screen you will see 4 tabs. Each of these tabs represent a different part of the WO.

3.1 General Tab: This is where you will fill in the actual time it took to complete the whole job (Note: This is not your labor effort, this comes later), as well as the actual duration the asset you worked was down if it's applicable. Also on the General Tab is the Failure information. Here you can select the Failure type and cause from a list of predefined failure codes.
3.2 Sub Tasks Tab: In this tab is where the WO instructions or tasks are, this is where you will provide feedback on the work done or specify if an inspection has passed/ failed. It is also where you will fill in a meter reading if the WO requires this to be provided.
3.3 Resources Tab: This is where the estimated resource requirement for the work order is. Here will be listed the Parts and Labor estimated for the job, it is also where you will specify the actual part quantities consumed on the job as well as your labor hours spent to complete the job.
2.4 Attachments Tab: If any files have been associated with this WO you will find them in the Attachments tab. If you want to attach any files or photos/ images to this work order, it's also in this tab where you will add them.

4. On the Task Details window, scroll down until you see the Real Duration field. Here fill in the actual duration/ time it took to complete the whole job as well as indicate the duration the asset was offline/ not running due to the maintenance being performed or the breakdown that might have initiated the WO:

5. Once you have filled out the actual durations as specified above, scroll down a bit further until you reach the Failure Information fields. If applicable, fill out these fields with the necessary information by selecting the various options from the drop-down fields. When you're done, click on the Sub-Tasks tab to move on:

Sub-Tasks Tab

6. In the Sub-Tasks tab, fill out the tasks as required and click on the Resources Tab to move on:

Resources Tab

7. In the Resources tab, you will see all the resources associated with this work order when it was raised/ issued. There can be one or multiple resources associated with a WO; Internal Labor, Stock/ Non-Stock Parts or even External Services...

7.1 Stock item: You will see the parts required for this job as well as the qty required
7.2 Labor: This will be the internal labor associated with this WO
7.3 +Add: Should you get a WO where there are no resources, you can add resources consumed on the work order by clicking on the +Add button and adding inventory items/ labor to the work order.

8. In the resources list click on/ select the stock item to open up the details window:

9. In the stock item details window, specify/ fill in the Actual Qty used on the job and hit Save when done:

10. Next click on/ select the labor resource item to open up the labor details window:

11. In the labor details window, specify/ fill in the actual time you spent on the job and hit Save when done:

12. You will note in the Resources list, that the Qty Used has been updated. Next move on to the Attachments tab:

Attachments Tab

13. In the Attachments tab you can add Files, Images, Links or even Notes to the Work Order. You can also view any attachments that where associated to a specific Sub-Task (e.g. If there is a Safety Inspection sub-task and a risk assessment sheet was attached to the sub-task when the WO was raised)

13.1 Toggle between Work Order and Sub-Task attachments
13.2 Add button to add attachments to this WO

14. Let's add an image to this work order. To do this, click on the +Add button bottom right:

15. Specify the type of attachment you want to upload to the WO. For images, select File as the attachment type:

16. Provide a description for the image/ attachment you are adding to the WO. You can choose to take a photo with your device or attach an image from you device's image gallery:

When done, hit the check mark icon top right corner of the screen to upload the image/ attachment.

17. This will bring you back to the attachments list/ tab. You can add additional attachments to the WO, by following the same steps as above.

Completing the Work Order

18. You can now jump to all the tabs if you'd like to double check your feedback and make sure everything is there. When you are happy, you can hit the check mark top right of any of the screens to complete this work order:

19. If you look at the Work Order details window now, you will note a GREEN check mark indicating that the tasks have been completed. To submit the Work Order to your Supervisor for Review, click on the Submit icon top right of the screen:

20. This will open up the Signature tab. Provide your name and sign the work order. When you're done, hit the check mark top right corner of the screen:

21. A window will pop up asking you to confirm the submission. Hit Yes to submit:

22. The work order will no longer be in your In Process/ Open list

That's it, you're done!!

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